Beer Tannins

Beer tannin, a naturally occurring compound sourced from plants, notably hops and barley, plays a pivotal role in the brewing process. When incorporated into wort and beer, it serves multiple purposes: mitigating the differentiation of macromolecule nitrogen in wort, reducing diacetyl production, slowing down the aging process of beer, and improving its colloidal stability. Tannin emerges as a key influencer in shaping the flavor profile and overall quality of the end beer product.

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  • Beer Brewing Tannins

    Derived through purely physical methods from gallnuts, our high-purity beer brewing tannins offer versatility across all brewing stages—fermentation, post-storage, and filtration. These tannins exhibit selective absorption properties, targeting alkaline polymers, sulfur-containing groups, and hydrophobic sensitive proteins in beer. By doing so, they effectively reduce aldehydes, boost the antioxidant capacity, and elevate both the abiotic stability and flavor stability of the beer, contributing to an enhanced brewing experience.”

  • Beer Saccharified Tannins

    Our high-purity beer saccharified tannins are extracted from gallnuts through purely physical methods and are tailor-made for the saccharification or boiling process to meet the unique needs of a specific brewing stage. During the saccharification process, it selectively adsorbs polymer proteins in the wort, reduces aldehydes and enhances antioxidant capacity, focusing on the saccharification stage.

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