Swing Stoppers

Swing stoppers are a type of closure mechanism commonly used in the sealing of craft beer, cider, kombucha, and sauce bottles. This user-friendly design allows for easy opening and resealing, making swing stoppers a popular choice for beverages and sauces that require frequent access while maintaining product quality.

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  • Description of Swing Stoppers

    The swing stopper, also known as a flip-top or bail closure, has a history dating back to the 1870s, a German inventor. Today, swing stoppers are commonly found in craft beer and sparkling beverage bottles, adding a touch of nostalgia and functionality to the packaging.

  • Composition of Swing Stoppers

    The swing cap independently developed and produced by us CHUNTING consists of three parts: plastic part (white part), sealing ring (red part), and metal wire; the plastic part is made of food-grade polypropylene material, and the sealing ring is made of food-grade thermoplastic elastomer material. The metal wire is made of 4016 stainless steel.

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